Health & Safety

• We request for parents/guardians to be fair & responsible to others by keeping unwell kids at home, especially kids with fever, cough, runny noses, rashes, ulcers and/or other possible symptoms. Bouncing Kids will reject entry to any kids with the above symptoms.
• Guardians must be at least 16 years of age and is able to manage the kids he/she brings in.
• Only the parent/guardian can sign in/out for the kids. Leaving your kids at Bouncing Kids is strictly at your own risk.
• Kids are encourage to visit the toilet and must sanitize their hands before they enter the play area
• No food, drinks, toys and/or any foreign objects can be brought into the play area.
• Everyone must remove their shoes and wear socks before entering the play area.
• Kids below 4 years old must be supervise by their parent/guardian when they are in the play area.
• Parents/guardians are required to supervise their kids at all-time and ensure that they play safe. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their kids.
• Any unsafe behavior may lead to loss of privileges and/or eviction from Bouncing Kids.

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